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I Don't Do Budgets.

Feb 20, 2019

Do you wish there was someone around before you went to college to teach you how to AVOID student loans?

That’s exactly what guest, Candy Pambu started a business doing. Candy is a math teacher by day and college prep coach by evening. She works with students as early as 8th grade to get them ready for college by creating an academic AND financial plan for them to get into the college of their choice while avoiding debt. She got her Bachelor’s from North Carolina State University (go Wolfpack!) and Master's degree from Johns Hopkins University, and graduated with no student loans. I don't mean she paid them off... I mean she’s NEVER taken out a loan for school!

Do you want to know how? Go ahead and listen now!

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Candy Pambu IG: @luckllc

I Don’t Do Budgets IG: @idontdobudgets

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