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I Don't Do Budgets.

Oct 2, 2019

This week, we are kicking off the first episode of our Women Investing series with Carmela Hawkins! Carmela is a lover of sports and finance who took this love and created Melanin Investor, a sports and investment literacy company. She noticed her peers seldom were talking about money and investments, and was moved to make that the center of more of their conversations. She felt the perfect way to do this was to share the stories of professional athletes, as they hold a great influence, to inspire others to take an interest in investing. 


Carmela made investing sound so simple… everyone can invest and grow their money if they plan properly! Let us know that you enjoyed it by tagging us in your IG Stories, and don’t forget to enter my 25K giveaway!


Social Media Info:

Melanin Investor Website: 

Melanin Investor IG: @melanininvestor 

Melanin Investor Twitter: @melanininvestor

One Up On Wall Street (Carmela's favorite book):

I Don’t Do Budgets IG: @idontdobudgets 



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