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I Don't Do Budgets.

Dec 4, 2019

Stephanie Davis is a Certified Financial Educator, Real Estate Investor, and Creator of Finances On Point - a financial empowerment blog and community dedicated to helping women create wealth starting where they are, using what they have. Her mission is to empower women to become discipline with their resources so that they can achieve financial freedom, create generational wealth, and live life on their terms.

She believes that EVERYONE can achieve wealth, you just need the right plan.

I learned so much from speaking with her about real estate investing and smart money habits in today’s episode! Be sure to tag us on Instagram if you enjoyed it.


Stephanie provided some AMAZING resources throughout the episode and I have provided some of my favorite real estate investing resources as well.  

Click HERE to get Stephanie’s Quick Start Checklist to real estate investing. She even lists some of her favorite real estate investing books!

One of my favorite rental property management websites is iPropertyManagement! They have guides, resources, tools, templates, a breakdown of landlord/tenant laws and SO MUCH MORE that will help you become a profitable landlord! 

So many people ask me if I have contracts and templates for rental properties and I just use the landlord/tenant templates that iPM provides! They have templates for rental applications, eviction notices, sublease agreements, move out checklist and SOOO MUCH MORE… I could literally go on forever lol there’s a template for just about anything you can think of! Not only are there universal templates, they have templates for EACH state that are simple and easy to use. 

Another frequent question that I get a lot is “how to find good contractors?” I personally use Home Advisor. You can literally type in exactly what you’re needing done and they will match you with the best contractors for the job, show you recent reviews from other people who have worked with them AND allows you to click a button that will request a quote from all of the ones you were matched with. It just makes finding contractors so much easier!

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