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I Don't Do Budgets.

Apr 3, 2019

Wondering what tax reform means for your refund this year… or if you should really be writing off that business expense? In this episode, I’m getting those answers from someone who knows (and loves!) taxes: Atiya Brown.

Atiya Brown aka The Savvy Accountant is a CPA, CA and a Certified Financial Educator Instructor. She has over 13 years’ experience in the accounting/finance world, and has a real passion for wanting to build Generational Wealth and help others do the same. She is here to remove any fears you might have with money and turn it into LOVE! Atiya also created Live Financially Savvy, LLC to help others with their foundation to live their best financial lives. She has a podcast with the same name, where she facilitates the connection between people doing amazing things in the finance world to people who want to learn how to create wealth.

I learned SO much from Atiya during our conversation - hope you enjoy listening to the episode!

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