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I Don't Do Budgets.

Apr 10, 2019

Today’s episode inspired me SO much! Malyke literally went from renting out his couch on Airbnb to buying a home in downtown Houston within 11 months. He is now on his way to making anywhere from $40-$90K this year from Airbnb. Want to learn how to do the same?


Get ready for a great episode… Malyke breaks down the steps he took to generate income on Airbnb, shares a behind the scenes look at how to get started, and also tells us a little bit about what makes Houston so great.


Enjoy the episode, and make sure to screenshot and tag Malyke and I to let us know you’re listening!


Social Media Info:

Malyke Partlow IG: @htownairbnbs

I Don’t Do Budgets IG: @idontdobudgets



#IDontDoBudgets #IDDB


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